Andrew Ayala

Andrew Ayala | SAG/AFTRA | 929-321-2660 Height: 5'10"

Andrew Ayala is a new york actor, father and husband. Andrew used to do school plays and when he reached JHS he fell in love with the A/V class, in A/V class the teacher taught Andrew about acting and also camera work, Andrew used to go to open calls as a late teen and once had over 4 callbacks for a feature film to be the co-lead with Woody Harrelson, but Andrew didn't pursue the film, when Andrew decided to give acting a second shot he jumped in with both feet and never looked back again, after only being in the business for 3 months he got a principal role on the Abc series Pan Am as Cuban Exile #1 and reprized his role 3 months later in a re shoot. Andrew has now done several principal roles on network shows such Pan Am, Zero Hour, Gotham,Daredevil, And Power, he recently had a role in the Fast and Furious franchise Furious 7 where he plays Anton Toretto. Andrew was once going to be a fashion model when his uncle Philip Burgos was set to open his own fashion line, but sadly his uncle Philip passed away of Aids in 1992. Andrew recently booked a role in the film Born Guilty which stars Rosanna Arquette, he likes to take road trips to other cities where there are productions shooting TV and films, like in 2013 when he went to Atlanta 3 times and during those trips he booked Furious 7 as Anton Toretto (2015).

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