Who We Are

School for Classics serves a population of approximately 308 students in grades 9 through 12. Many of our students are of Hispanic descent and many more are African American. Recently, we saw an increase in the enrollment of Bengali, Arabic and other non-English speaking cultures. The adults in our school community are committed to work together to accelerate student achievement and to create a caring and nurturing second home for our learners.

Higher Order Thinking

As the development of higher order thinking skills is one of the most important attributes we can impart to our students, the school works hard in cultivating teachers’ abilities to develop student writing. Developing the craft of writing is interwoven with the development of our students’ ability to think critically. To this end, a large part of the work of teacher teams is dedicated to the analysis of students’ writing, and the identification of strategies to address areas of need. To further enhance our collaborative practices and to enhance teachers’ professional practice, our faculty participates in studies of professional literature designed to move the school’s writing agenda forward.


We are part of New York City's AP for ALL Program as we share the belief that all students should have access to college-level courses. We offer Biology Advanced Placement, AP Language and Composition, AP Environmental Science, AP Statistics and AP Government. These courses are available to students who are committed to push themselves academically, in particular, those students who choose to follow an intensive academic schedule in lieu of performing art classes. College classes are also available through our partnership with Lehman College and College Now. Our school also partners with CUNY's Creative Arts Team and with Peoples' Theatre Project. Teaching artists collaborate with our own teachers to ensure that our students have a vibrant and relevant drama experience. Several times during the year, our young actors attend professional performances at Queens Theatre.

After School

After school, we provide our students with opportunities to participate in clubs, academic support and enrichment opportunities. We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities in order to foster a positive self-esteem, appropriate social interactions and team spirit, and to cultivate their talents and skills. On Saturdays, we offer Regents and SAT preparation classes.

For 2017-18 we are bringing Sports and Arts Foundation to provide our students fun and exciting arts and performance outlets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays after school.

PSAL boys and girl teams.

Elective Courses

A large number of our elective courses revolve around the Performing Arts. Students who elect to be at our school begin their high school career with introductory theater classes and have opportunities to specialize in one of these areas throughout high school with courses such as Writing for Theater, Improvisation, and Film Study . Plays are staged by students guided by their teachers. These performances take place at least two times a year.