There’s the question of ICANN reconsidering the WHOIS privacy policy, which has generated a lot of controversy because they’re considering not allowing WHOIS privacy for some class of domains, and we’ll talk about that. There’s a new DDoS attack protocol being found in use in the wild. Amazon has stepped into the game with their own TLS protocol stack, to the surprise of many. ARIN, on I think it was Wednesday night, ran out of IPv4 space, had to deny a request for the first time ever, and switched policies. We’ve of course been tracking this for a long time, so we’ll talk about that.

Then everyone wants to talk about Italy’s Hacking Team which got hacked. We’ll cover that. Lots of stuff about the NSA’s XKEYSCORE program was published, I think by WikiLeaks. And also news of the NSA’s international spying has come to light. And then Windows 10 is worrying people over something called WiFi Sense facility, which is sort of borrowing from Windows 8.1, but is apparently making it a little bit more pervasive. And even more. So, yes, tons to talk about this week.

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