Stress and why the brain needs to forget .

Stress is linked to clotted arteries, aging, high blood pressure, eating disorder, and frankly every other organic life threatening way to leave this world. It is no wonder that stress is said to be the silent killer. Aside from the phenomenal capabilities of the brain, such as monitoring different systems simultaneity, and it’s rapid reaction time; the brain has limitations. Among these, is the lack of a proper management system ie: a built in outlook. The brain can’t properly handle a to-do list, or manage a calendar as well as a computer. For the longest time, I felt pity for the brain, that is until I made a correlation to stress. Now, I feel that the lack of a proper management system is nature’s way of keeping the human race alive. The ability to forget is not a limitation to the brain but rather a tool to fight stress and more so death. Therefore, next time you get home from the store and realize you forgot to pick up those batteries, don’t beat yourself up for it.



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