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Geeking Out is a New York City-based internet engineering company focused on providing our clients with world class data driven IT solutions. Our Team brings together a unique combination of experience, passion, enthusiasm and skills. We believe that seeking innovative and path-breaking ideas for our clients is a way of life.We are committed to empowering our clients and business associates by providing professional service & support and building long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and teamwork.

Our History

Since 2007, Geeking Out has provided integrated solutions to businesses. Now recognized as a leader in the field of web technologies, we are proud to serve our many customers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Geeking Out is a privately-owned company located in Manhattan, New York.


At Geeking Out, our mission is to provide leading-edge technological strategies to meet your company’s goals. We are passionate about our work and are committed to achieving excellence.

Our Vision

We are intensely focused about performing at the highest level. To get there, we strive to out-think and out-work competitors and use top of the line technology to serve our clients .

Your business challenges are unique, so you need access to creative, comprehensive and flexible solutions. At Geeking Out, we develop long-term relationships with our clients so when their business demands change, we have a thorough understanding of how this affects their business and can react quickly with solutions to help.


We leverage the agility and strength of open source technology to build stable and scalable solutions. Our knowledgeable developers come from diverse backgrounds and are well-equipped to provide custom programming services that guarantee code and website longevity.


Graphics and design set your business apart from all the others and help you stick in a customer’s memory. At Geeking Out, our talented artists are committed to bring your vision to life!

Tech Help

Unlimited, affordable, and user-friendly tech support. With Geeking Out you can message a geek anytime and anywhere, from your smartphone or the web, 100% safe and secure. There is no signup or registration required. Simply text or message us your question now to get started. 646-883-Geek (4335)
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