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January 2023

Introduction to Generative AI: This module will provide an overview of the field of generative AI and its various applications. Topics covered may include the history of generative AI, common architectures and techniques used in generative models, and an

Whether or not you need an LMS (Learning Management System) depends on the specific needs of your organization or business. Here are a few factors to consider when determining whether an LMS is right for you: Number of learners: If

Solana and Ethereum are both decentralized platforms that use blockchain technology to enable the creation and execution of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). However, there are some key differences between the two platforms: Scalability: One of the main differences

JavaScript (JS) is a popular programming language that is widely used for web development, server-side programming, and creating desktop and mobile apps. Here's a basic example of how to write a simple program in JavaScript: This code first declares a variable

An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a software application or web-based technology used to plan, implement, and assess a specific learning process. Typically, an LMS provides an instructor with the ability to create and manage educational content, track student